Event Special Effects New York

We use special effects to enhance your event and make it stand out. Every event is unique, and we will work with you to bring your exact vision to life! There are many ways we can help you add flair to your venue. Some of our special effects include:

  • Sparkulars
    • Sparkulars are floor units that simulate large sparklers. Sparkulars emit no heat and are completely safe to use in any space. Sparkulars are a spectacular light show that will enhance any event.
  • Co2 Cannons
    • Create your own special effects with our Co2 cannons! Co2 cannons shoot a thick, white plume of Co2 to add an exciting element to any party.
  • Black Light
    • You can make your entire party glow in the dark with our special black lights.
  • Dancing on the Clouds
    • With our fog machines, we can create a stunning, dense fog that will make it look like you are dancing on clouds. This effect is often used to create a magical atmosphere at events such as weddings.

Whether you are showing off a new product, hosting a club party or celebrating a special occasion, we are here for all your special effects needs! We will take your ideas and make them a reality. Call RGB Rentals today at 516-385-9876 to book your event and to learn more about special effects in Plainview, New York.